1. Chant Om Sivaya Namah whenever possible, especially during the pradosham hours.
2. On Pradosham days, take bath, observe fast, (observe general Vratam rules like celibacy, truthful, compassionate) and pray to Siva. It is recommended to visit Siva temples during the pradosha hours and participate in the worship.
3. If starting a yearlong fast, can be done from any pradosha, but especially recommend when starting and ending with a Sani pradosha.
4. Siva should be worshipped between the two horns of Nandhi Devar.
5. Do Soma sooktha pradakshinam during this time in the temple.

Interestingly, Nandi Devar is also worshipped with equal importance during Pradosha and is given a special abhisheka with milk, sandal paste, water, and other fragrant fluids. He is offered a very special dish made out of red rice (Puttarisi), sugar and ghee, which is later fed to the temple cow. Some people even take the liberty of whispering their wishes into Nandi’s ears to pass them onto Shiva, for during Pradhosha, Nandi is believed to be the closest to the Lord. It is also customary to have a darshan of the Siva Linga through and in between the horns of Nandi, just the way Shiva had danced at the very first Pradosha.

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