Pradosham, a day dedicated to Lord Siva, falls on the 13 th day of every lunar fortnight. In each year, there are 24 Pradosham. On Pradosham observe fast, worship Siva, cherish your dreams and achieve success in all you do.

Before discussing anything about this sacred day, let's know some facts about Pradosham. Through these factual information, we will get motivation to observe Pradosham Vratam.

Pradosham Facts

If you are not aware about the facts and significance of Pradosham, going through the below given points is a must for you.

  1. The word Pradosham means eliminating the sins or Doshas.
  2. Duration of Pradosham (Pradosham Kaalam) is 2 hours 24 minutes after the sunset. Pradosham Kaalam varies from region to region.
  3. Pradosham Kaalam is an opportunity to overcome the bad deeds or Karmas.

Significance of Pradosham for Each Day

All the seven days of the week provide different benefits at the time of Pradosham. Let us know about the rewards of all these 7 Pradoshams.

Monday : Pradosham of this day is also known as Soma Pradosham. This Pradosham helps to attain good health and fulfills one's desires and wishes.

Tuesday : Also known as Bhauma Pradosham, this Pradosham provides relief from diseases and improves the financial condition.

Wednesday : Pradosham of Wednesday is fruitful to gain wisdom, knowledge and blesses the childless couples with child.

Thursday : It is also known as Guru Pradosham. Guru Pradosham helps in surpassing the opponents and enemies.

Friday: Know as Aishwarya Pradosham. Blessings of Lakshmi can be obtained during Aishwarya Pradosham. It was Lord Siva that made Lakshmi and Kubera god and godess of wealth

Saturday : Pradosha of Saturday is known as Maha Pradosham or Shani Pradosham. It is observed by the couples for a harmonious conjugal life.

With the knowledge of Pradosham of each day, make sure to get the best from each day.

The division of Pradosham as per weekdays is not just about the different Pradoshams; there are many more segregations of this holy event. Let us throw a light on them.


The 14 Different Pradosham

Pradosham is of 14 types and here, we are providing you information about all of them. Go through them and widen your knowledge about Pradosham.

1. Nithya Pradosham : 90 minutes before the sunset are known as Nithya Pradosham. As per beliefs, worshiping Lord Shiva during these 90 minutes brings positivity in every sphere of life.

2. Divya Pradosham : Worshiping Siva during Divya Pradosham removes the negative Karmas, strengthens the bond between husband and wife and helps in winning legal matters.

3. Deepa Pradosham : Shani Pradosham (Pradosh falling on Saturday) is also known as Deepa Pradosham.

4. Saptharishi Pradosham : Looking at the sky from the east direction after performing Pradosham Puja is known as Saptharishi Pradosham. During this Pradosham, the observer mentally worships the great saints.

5. Aegatchara Pradosham : Aegatchara Pradosham is that particular Pradosham, which falls once in a year. In this Pradosham, the devotee chants 'OM' while offering prayers to Lord Siva.

6. Arthanari Pradosham : This Pradosham comes twice in a year. It is observed by the married couples who are facing troubles in their married life.

7. Thirikarana Pradosham : It occurs thrice in a year and is observed to please Ashtalakshmi.

8. Bramma Pradosham : Bramma Pradosham means Pradosham of 4 Saturdays. It helps to overcome the effects of negative karmas and frees the devotee from the burden of his ancestor's sins.

9. Atcharaba Pradosham : Atcharaba Pradosham falls when Maha Pradosham falls 5 times in the same year. Mistakes which are done unintentionally get overcome with this Pradosham.

10. Kandha Pradosham : Pradosham falling on Trayodashi tithi is known as Kandha Pradosham.

11. Jadjapraba Pradosham : When in a single year, seven Maha Pradosham take place then it is known as Jadjapraba Pradosham. It is observed with the wish of getting no rebirth.

12. Astathik Pradosham : Occurrence of eight Maha Pradosham in a year is Astathik Pradosham. It is observed longevity and eternal success.

13. Navagraga Pradosham : Occurrence of nine Maha Pradosham in a year is Navagraga Pradosham. It helps to overcome the effects of Navagraga Dosha.

14. Thutha Pradosham : When in a single year, ten Maha Pradosham take place then it is known as Thutha Pradosham.

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Always chant the sacred mantra – Om Sivaya namah, especially during the pradosham times.

Of all the gods, Siva is the supreme. Of all the rivers, Akasha Ganga is the best. Of all the gems, Manikkam (Ruby) is the best. Of all the Vratams, Maha Pradosham is the best. This vratam is important for all saivites. Chant om Sivaya nama during these times as many times as possible. Many benefits come to those to pray to Siva on pradosham days. They will be healthy, wealthy, gain respect, have wonderful children and more.

Siva is the most compassionate of all gods. He did not go to war with any. Rama went to fight Ravana, Krishna fought Kamsa, Narasimha found Iranya. He just teased yama (not kicked him). Appar swamy prays to siva: Oh Lord with Kunitha puruvam (curved eyebrow) – eyebrow never became straight in anger for him, Kondrai vayil punsirupum (smile in red lips), pavalam pol meniyum – bright appearance, Don’t give me anymore birth.

When a child cries for milk – how much will you give? a cup, a small tumbler? He gave sea like when sundarar cried. Ramalinga swamy says – Vallikanavan thanai endra vallan avan bhavani vara kanden: I see the philanthropist who gave us the husband of Valli. He gave us amritha, he took poison, he gave us angels and he kept the demons, he gave us home and he took the cemetery for living.

He gave Narai (white hair) only to humans – crows don’t get it, elephants doesn’t, cows don’t age with white hair. He gave it only to humanity. It is not narai, it is Yama’s lawyer notice showing your time is up soon. With that fear, we start to pray to god more living all these years forgotten about him. Not only humans, but he gave the same Narai to Devas too (Three final phases: Narai, Therai – body old age and Moopu – death).

Tamil vedam says, thamakuvamai oppathu – no one equals him. Brahma had five heads, and had ego issue (His ego was because of his responsibilities as he is the creator:sitthi kartha). Siva just took away one head with his nails and ended up with four.