Stanza 1

பத்தர??ுபல ரும்ப?லியம்மலர் ??்??ப்புனல்த?வி
?த்த??ல்லியுல ?த்தவர்தாந்த?ழு த?த்தவுயர்??ன்னி
மத்தம்வ?த்தப?ரு மான்பிரியாதுற? ?ின்றவலிதாயம்
?ித்தம்வ?த்தவ?ி யாரவர்ம?ல?? யாமற்றி?ர்ந?ய?.

paththaroadupala rumpoliyammalar angkaippunalthoovi
oththasolliyula kaththavarthaa:nthozhu thaeththavuyarsenni
maththamvaiththaperu maanpiriyaathu'rai kin'ravalithaayam
siththamvaiththavadi yaaravarmaeladai yaama'r'ridar:noayae.

scattering shining beautiful flowers and sprinkling water from the palm;
many brahmins along with pious people of other castes.
chanting the mantirams of the V?tam in a uniform accent.
to be praised by the people of this world with joined hands.
sufferings and diseases will not reach the devotees who always think of Valitāyam in their minds, in which the god who placed on his lofty head datura flowers, dwells without leaving it.

Devout Saivites throng in full strength, pour handfuls of fair blooms pied,
With plush of waters to propitiate the Lord, with datura on the crest,
Spelling the chant in the open for all to gather parting ne'er from Valitaayam,
Poised in the conscious of the congregants woes and ills beset not. 

Stanza 2

ப??யில?்?ு?ர ம??்?ு??யான்ப?ி றா??்?லன?ந்தி?்
???யில?்?ுமன? யிற்பலி??ண்?ுணு?் ?ள்வன்னுற???யில்
ம??யில?்?ுப?ழி லின்னிழல்வாய்மது வ??ும்வலிதாயம்
???யநின்றவ?ி யார்?்???யாவின? யல்லற்றுயர்தான?.

padaiyilangkukara meddudaiyaanpadi 'raakakkalanae:nthik
kadaiyilangkumanai yi'rpaliko'ndu'nung ka'lvannu'raikoayil
madaiyilangkupozhi linnizhalvaaymathu veesumvalithaayam
adaiya:nin'ravadi yaarkkadaiyaavinai yalla'r'ruyarthaanae.
Civa? has eight arms on which weapons are glittering;

holding fire.
the chief who eats receiving alms in houses having shining entrances, falsely.
the temple where he dwells.
mental sufferings and physical sufferings which are the result of acts done, will not reach the devotees who reach Valitāyan where in the shades of gardens which have prominent sluices, and which give honey in plenty 

That the Lord, who created the entire universe, is begging for alms is only pretence. It is one of his divine plays.

With war-arms in arms eight and a fake alms bowl, He moves in stealth as if,
Door to door to eat and repose in valitaayam temple, in the midst
Of the dyke-side groves of honey-scented shade. The flock so firm 
To arrive there shall for sure, be freed from fetter, fraud and fall

Stanza 3

ஐயன்ந?ய்யன்னணி யன்பிணியில்லவ ர?ன்றுந்த?ழுத?த்த?்
??ய்யன்வ?ய்யப?? ய?ந்தவல்லான்றிரு மாத??ுற???யில்
வ?யம்வந்துபணி யப்பிணித?ர்த்துயர் ?ின்றவலிதாயம்
?ய்யும்வண்ணந்நின? மின்நின?ந்தால்வின? த?ரும்நலமாம?.

aiyan:noyyanna'ni yanpi'niyillava ren'ru:nthozhuthaeththas
seyyanveyyapadai yae:nthavallaan'riru maathoadu'raikoayil
vaiyamva:nthupa'ni yappi'nitheerththuyar kin'ravalithaayam
uyyumva'n'na:n:ninai min:ninai:nthaalvinai theerum:nalamaamae.

Civa?, the beautiful god, (the wonderful god) is light in weight.
is near at hand to devotees.
to be praised always by devotees who are not bound by ā?avam, with joined hands.
has red colour.
the temple where he who is able to hold cruel weapons dwells with a dear lady.
when the people of this world come and pay homage.
(People of this world!
) think to save yourselves, valitāyan which is great by curing the diseases.
if you think of that shrine, your acts will leave you.
happiness will come to you.

acts= effect of past misdeeds.The Fair, the Fine, the Near, the Sanguine Sole One 

The long handled mazhu-wielder, the Ignis-potent Lord with Uma
Wait in the valitaayam temple for the flock to think and thrive
In piety proper. Hail Him if we do, bonds break,bliss breeds.

Stanza 4

?ற்ற?ய?றது?? யான்ந?மா?ிய?ர் ப?தப்ப????ழப்
புற்றினா?மர? யார்த்துழல்?ின்றவ?ம் ப?ம்மான்ம?வாள?
?ுற்ற??யிலுல ?த்த?ளிமல்?ி? வுள்?ும்வலிதாயம்
பற்றிவாழும்மது வ??ரணாவது பா?ும்ம?ியார்?்??.

o'r'raiyae'rathudai yaan:nadamaadiyoar poothappadaisoozhap
pu'r'rinaakamarai yaarththuzhalkin'ravem pemmaanmadavaa'loa
du'r'rakoayilula kaththo'limalkida vu'lkumvalithaayam
pa'r'rivaazhummathu vaesara'naavathu paadummadiyaarkkae.

Civa? has an unequalled bull which is the embodiment of righteousness and which could not be counted along with other bulls.
performer of dance, surrounded by an army of pūtams.
our god who wanders tying in his waist a cobra that lives in the anthill, the temple where he stays with a lady.
is valitayam which the world thinks to be filled with lustre.
for devotees who sing the praises of God is the refuge catching hold of that shrine.

Valitayam is the ultimate refuge for the devotees.

The yak unique is His. With Him march the goblin troops.
Cobras from holes gird His middle. In dire daring does He dance
At valitaayam ever lit and cherished in thought,
The sanctuary certain for flocks to flourish.

Stanza 5

புந்திய?ன்றிநின? வார்வின?யாயின த?ரப்ப?ருளாய
?ந்தியன்னத?ரு ப?ர?ளியானமர் ??யிலயல??்?ும்
மந்திவந்து??ு வன்ன??ு?்???ி வண?்?ும் வலிதாய?்
?ிந்தியாதவவர் தம்ம?ும்வ?ந்துயர் த?ர்தல?ளிதன்ற?.

pu:nthiyon'ri:ninai vaarvinaiyaayina theerapporu'laaya
a:nthiyannathoru paero'liyaanamar koayilayalengkum
ma:nthiva:nthukadu vannodungkoodi va'nangkum valithaayagn
si:nthiyaathavavar thammadumve:nthuyar theerthale'lithan'rae.

in order that the acts of those who meditate with their intellect without being dragged by the sense-organ, may leave them.
the temple where he who is the object of meditation and who has the great brilliance like the evening sky, dwells with desire.
in all place on its sides.
is vālitāyan which is worshipped by the female monkey with its male.
the removal of the acute sufferings which afflict those who do not think of that shrine, is not easy.

In idee fixe for the pious that pray, Lord undoes deeds and does
As red red ens of lumen loft; such an One stays enshrined
In valitaayam where stray baboons ,he and she, turn twosome and leap
To pray.;but the impious go damned in fell grief, lo!

Stanza 6

?னியன்றதல? யிற்பலி??ண்?ுல ?த்துள்ளவர?த்த?்
?ானியன்ற?ரி யின்னுரிப?ர்த்துழல் ?ள்வன்???தன்ம?ல்
வானியன்றபிற? வ?த்தவ?ம்மாதி ம?ிழும்வலிதாயந்
த?னியன்றநறு மாமலர்??ண்?ுநின் ற?த்தத்த?ளிவாம?.

ooniyan'rathalai yi'rpaliko'ndula kaththu'l'lavaraeththak
kaaniyan'rakari yinnuripoarththuzhal ka'lvansadaithanmael
vaaniyan'rapi'rai vaiththavemmaathi makizhumvalithaaya:n
thaeniyan'ra:na'ru maamalarko'ndu:nin 'raeththaththe'livaamae.

receiving alms in a skull which has flesh.
to be praised by the people of this world.
the thief who wanders covering himself with a skin of an elephant that lives in the forest clear spritual knowledge will come to those who praise valitāyam of our first cause who placed on his caṭai a crescent which moves in the sky, with fragrant flowers having honey.

Alms my Lord took in a stripped cranial pitchi; put on tusker-hide;
Roamed as a thief for all to seek; gave asylum in His locks
To the uilty crescent of the sky. He the primordial, smiling stays 
In valitaayam. For Him fetch redolent blooms honey rich; Civagnosis is at hand!

Stanza 7

?ண்ணிற?ந்தவிழி யின்னழலால்வரு ?ாமன்னுயிர்வ??்?ிப்
ப?ண்ணிற?ந்தவ?ரு பான்ம?ிழ்வ?ய்திய ப?ம்மானுற???யில்
மண்ணிற?ந்தபு?ழ் ??ண்??ியார்?ள் வண?்?ும்வலிதாயத்
துண்ணிற?ந்தப?ரு மான்?ழல?த்தநம் முண்ம??்?தியாம?.

ka'n'ni'rai:nthavizhi yinnazhalaalvaru kaamannuyirveeddip
pe'n'ni'rai:nthavoru paanmakizhveythiya pemmaanu'raikoayil
ma'n'ni'rai:nthapukazh ko'ndadiyaarka'l va'nangkumvalithaayath
thu'n'ni'rai:nthaperu maankazhalaeththa:nam mu'nmaikkathiyaamae.

killing the Kāma? who came against Civa? to discharge floral arrows, by the fire that issued from the eye-ball which occupied the eye.
the temple where the god who rejoiced in having a half occupied fully by a lady.
to praise the feet of the god who occupied completely the shrine valitāyam to which the devotees pay homage by prostrating with the fame which has filled this world.
we will attain salvation which is permanent.

Lord's metopic eye-borne flame ashed the Kama-bug;
His holy mien for its hlf houses the woman in full !! On Earth, He dwells
Entempled in famed valitaayam. Bow unto His Feet 
Verily there, and gain the ultima , the weal of release.

Stanza 8

??லின?்?மமு துண்?ிம?ய?ர்த?ழு த?த்தந?மா?ி
??லில?்??யர? யன்வலி??ற்றருள் ?ம்மான்?மர்??யில்
ம?லில?்?ு?மு ?ின்பலவின்மது விம்மும்வலிதாயம்
??லில?்?ுமுயி ருள்ளளவுந்த?ழ வுள்ளத்துயர்ப?ம?.

kadalinagnsamamu thu'ndimaiyoarthozhu thaeththa:nadamaadi
adalilangkaiyarai yanvalise'r'raru'l ammaanamarkoayil
madalilangkukamu kinpalavinmathu vimmumvalithaayam
udalilangkumuyi ru'l'la'lavu:nthozha vu'l'laththuyarpoamae.

consumed the poison that rose in the ocean, as nectar.
and dancing to be praised with joined hands by the celestials who do not wink.
the temple in which the god who destroyed the strength of the King of ila?kai who was strong and then granted his grace.
to worship with joined hands valitāyam where the honey from the flat leaf of the areca palms and jack-trees is increasing, as long as the life in the body shines.
the mental sufferings of those devotees will go away.

With the lactic main churned out,up rose the venom;He ate it all up
As ambrosial snack.Devas hailed;Lord danced; undid Lankan king\'s
Stamina; re-turned a grace; abides shrined in valitaayam, sylvan
With areca, jack fronds and honey thought of which un-woes all woes

Stanza 9

ப?ரியம?ருவர? ய??ில?யாமல? வுற்றார?யின்ம?ன்றும்
?ரியவ?ய்தவ?ரு வன்னிருவர்?்?றி வ?ண்ணாவ?ிவா?ும்
?ரியதா?ியுற வ??்?ியவன்வலி தாயந்த?ழுத?த்த
?ரியரா?வு?? யார்ப?ரியார?ன வுள்?ும்முல??ர?.

periyamaeruvarai yaesilaiyaamalai vu'r'raareyinmoon'rum
eriyaveythavoru vanniruvarkka'ri vo'n'naavadivaakum
eriyathaakiyu'ra voangkiyavanvali thaaya:nthozhuthaeththa
uriyaraakavudai yaarperiyaarena vu'lkummulakoarae.

the unequalled god who shot an arrow to burn all the three forts of those who came to fight with him, having as a bow the big mountain;
those devotees who have the right to praise and worship with joined hands valitāyam of Civa? who grow very tall as such a great column of fire that as the two, Māl and Pirama? could not see that.
people of this world will esteem them as great souls

With Meru- big-bow, Lord burnt the triple forts of demon-foes of Devas,
In flame-form infinitude eluding Maal and Brahma to grasp.
His is holy valitaayam. They that extol the place in duteous faith
Shall be gloried in greatness and worthy be.

Stanza 10

??ியாரம?ழி யாரமண்?ா?்?ிய ரல்லாதவர்???ி
ஏ?ிய?ரமில ராய்ம?ழி??ய்தவர் ??ல்ல?ப்ப?ருள?ன்ன?ல்
வா?ித?ரவ?ி யார்?்?ருள்??ய்து வளர்ந்தான்வலிதாயம்
ப??ுமார்வமு?? யார?ியார?னப் ப?ணும்ப?ரிய?ர?.

aasiyaaramozhi yaarama'nsaakkiya rallaathavarkoodi
aesiyeeramila raaymozhiseythavar sollaipporu'lennael
vaasitheeravadi yaarkkaru'lseythu va'lar:nthaanvalithaayam
paesumaarvamudai yaaradiyaarenap pae'numperiyoarae.

those who are outside the pale of caivam, the cama?ar who do not have the mind to say blessings to the satisfaction of their hearts, cākkiyar (buddhists).
all of them joining together.
Do not consider as having any substance the words of those people who have no love, and talk only despisingly about Civa?.
great people will esteem such people as have the devotion to speak highly of valitāyam of Civa? who grew into fame having bestowed his grace on devotees without any distinction.

Greats would serve them that sing the venerated valitaayam.
Samanas, sakkiyas short of heart, as alien whores cavil and curse.
Them ignore. For guilt to remove, those zealous of the place blest
By Lord's grace be reckoned as servitors sublime

Stanza 11

வண்?ுவ??ும்மண மல்?ிய??ல? வளரும்வலிதாயத்
தண்?வாணன?ி யுள்?ுதலாலருண் மால?த்தமிழா??்
?ண்?ல்வ??ு??ற் ?ாழியுண்?ான?ம் பந்தன்றமிழ்பத்து?்
??ண்?ுவ??ியி?? பா?வல்லார்?ுளிர் வானத்துயர்வார?.

va'nduvaikumma'na malkiyasoalai va'larumvalithaayath
tha'ndavaa'nanadi yu'lkuthalaalaru'n maalaiththamizhaakak
ka'ndalvaikukada'r kaazhiyu'ngnaanasam pa:nthan'ramizhpaththung
ko'nduvaikiyisai paadavallaarku'lir vaanaththuyarvaarae.


having all the ten tamiḻ verse done by Ñā?acampanta? in Kaḻi surrounded by the sea where mangroves are found, as a garland of tamiḻ having the grace of Civa? as he meditated on the feet of the Lord who pervades all the universe, and who dwells in valitāyam where the gardens of increasing fragrance in which bees are staying, are flourishing.
who are capable of singing them with music dwelling there.
will reach Civalōkam which is higher than the cool heaven.

Thinking on and on the hily feet of all-world-lord-of-valitaayam
Where bees in balmy groves buzz,if one sings the tuneful ten tamil hymns
Of screw-pine thick littoral Kaazhi's Gnanasambandhan,
Win he would soaring up to cool celestial demesne.