Stanza 1

?ுறி?லந்தவி?? பா?லினான்ந?? யாலிவ்வுல??ல்லாம்
ந?றி?லந்தத?ரு ந?ர்ம?யனாய?ரு த?றிப்பலிப?ணி
முறி?லந்தத?ரு த?லர?ம?லு?? யானி?ம?ய்ம்மலரின்
ப?றி?லந்தப?ழில் ??ழ்ந்தயல?புய லாரும்பு?ல?ர?.

ku'rikala:nthavisai paadalinaan:nasai yaalivvulakellaam
:ne'rikala:nthathoru :neermaiyanaayeru thae'rippalipae'ni
mu'rikala:nthathoru thoalaraimaeludai yaanidamoymmalarin
po'rikala:nthapozhil soozh:nthayalaepuya laarumpukaloorae.

Civa? sings music which is combined with some suggestion.
Having the nature of being united with the souls of this world with desire according to their stages of spiritual development.
Riding on a bull and desiring alms.
Civa? wears tiger`s skin which he flayed, on his waist.
His place is Pukalūr by the side of which [there are] gardens which have beetles in the dense flowers.

In strains of blue-to white, the Chanter spells grace
For beings toe the line to live in Him upon the eager yak,
Eking alms offered, tiger-hide round His waist, and He bides at honey-drunk,
Freckled bee dotted spray-shot sky-high arbor- Pukaloor sure.


Stanza 2 

?ாதில?்?ு?ுழ? யன்னிழ???ர்திரு மார்பன்ன?ருபா?ம்
மாதில?்?ுதிரு ம?னியினான்?ரு மானின்னுரியா??
ம?தில?்?வணிந் தானிம?ய?ர்த?ழ ம?வும்மி??்??ல?ப்
ப?தில?்?ுந?? யால்வரிவண்?ி?? பா?ும்பு?ல?ர?.

kaathilangkukuzhai yannizhaisaerthiru maarpannorupaakam
maathilangkuthiru maeniyinaankaru maaninnuriyaadai
meethilangkava'ni:n thaanimaiyoarthozha maevummidagnsoalaip
poathilangku:nasai yaalvariva'ndisai paadumpukaloorae.

Civa? has on his ear a shining men`s ear-ring.
has a holy chest in which he wears a sacred thread.
has a beautiful body in the half of which a lady is conspicuous.
wears as an upper cloth the skin of the black antelope.
the place where he dwells to be worshipped by the celestials who do not wink.
is Pukalūr where in the flowers of the gardens beetles with lines on their bodies hum like music desiring honey.

Glows a palmate stud in His ear; on His chest, the sacred thread;
Uma on the left of His holy mien; the hide of Black Beast on Him,
Wink-less ones worship ever at Pukaloor where striped bees
Suck arbor-honey, line up, and flit in craze and buzz about.

Stanza 3

பண்ணிலாவும்மற? பா?லினான்?ற? ??ரும்வள?ய?்??ப்
ப?ண்ணிலாவவு?? யான்ப?ரியார்?ழல் ?ன்றுந்த?ழுத?த்த
?ண்ணிலாவியவர் ?ிந்த?யுள்ந??்?ா வ?ருவன்னி?ம?ன்பர்
மண்ணிலாவும்ம?ி யார்?ு?ிம?த்த?ழின் மல்?ும்பு?ல?ர?.

pa'n'nilaavumma'rai paadalinaani'rai saerumva'laiyangkaip
pe'n'nilaavavudai yaanperiyaarkazhal en'ru:nthozhuthaeththa
u'n'nilaaviyavar si:nthaiyu'l:neengkaa voruvannidamenpar
ma'n'nilaavummadi yaarkudimaiththozhin malkumpukaloorae.

Civa? sings V?tam-s which have music of their own.
has a lady who has a beautiful hand in whose wrists bangles are worn, to stay permanently with him.
when great people of spiritual wisdom always worship and praise him, staying in their hearts.
the place of the unequalled Civa? who does not leave the minds of such people.
is definitely Pukalūr where the devotees who live on this world are flourishing in their agricultural operations;
that is what people say.

Singer of Vedic strains seminal, oned in Uma,her arm,bangles adorn,-
Shines in the hearts that pray and praise His Holy feet
Firmly He stays in their Unconscious, fain dwells at Pukaloor sure
On Earth where servitors crew do flock to serve.

Stanza 4

ந?ரின்மல்?ு??? யன்வி??யன்??? யார்தம்மரண்ம?ன்று?்
??ரின்மல்?ுமல? ய??ில?யா?மு னிந்தானுல?ுய்ய?்
?ாரின்மல்?ு??ல் ந?்?மதுண்? ??வுள்ளி?ம?ன்பர்
?ரின்மல்?ிவளர் ??ம்ம?யினாலுயர் வ?ய்தும்பு?ல?ர?.

:neerinmalkusadai yanvidaiyanadai yaarthammara'nmoon'rugn
seerinmalkumalai yaesilaiyaakamu ni:nthaanulakuyyak
kaarinmalkukadal :nagnsamathu'nda kadavu'l'lidamenpar
oorinmalkiva'lar semmaiyinaaluyar veythumpukaloorae.

Civa? has a caṭai filled with water; has a bull.
destroyed with anger using a mountain eminent by its fame as bow, the three forts of the enemies.
the place of the God who consumed the poison that rose in the ocean of increasing black colour, to save the world from destruction.
people say it is Pukalūr which attains greatness by its right conduct which increases in many villages, by several stages.

Water-logged locks His crest, raging bull for His ride,
His Meru bow triple forts ashed; for to save the worldly ones
Ocean-frothed toxin He ate transcending and dwells in Pukaloor
Where the chosen pure for sure dwell in sublime.

Stanza 5

??ய்யம?னிவ?ளி யப??ிப்ப??ுவர் ??ரும்ம?ியார்ம?ல்
ப?யநின்றவின? பாற்றுவர்ப?ற்றி??த் த?ன்றும்பணிவார?
ம?ய்யநின்றப?ரு மானுற?யும்மி? ம?ன்பரருள்ப?ணிப்
ப?ய்யிலாதமனத் தார்பிரியாது ப?ருந்தும்பு?ல?ர?.

seyyamaenive'li yapodippoosuvar saerummadiyaarmael
paiya:nin'ravinai paa'r'ruvarpoa'r'risaith then'rumpa'nivaarai
meyya:nin'raperu maanu'raiyummida menpararu'lpae'nip
poyyilaathamanath thaarpiriyaathu poru:nthumpukaloorae.

Civa? will smear on his red body white sacred ash.
will put to rout gradually the karmam-s that are with the devotees who meditate upon him without ceasing.
the place where the god who truly stands by the side of the devotees who fall at his feet by singing his praises.
people say is Pukalūr where devotees who do not have falsehood in their minds and desire the grace of god, live without leaving it.

Argent ash- smear on His holy ruddy mien foils the brunt
Of deeds on servitors that refuge in Him; stays He in truth
To all that sing and serve His glory; dwells in urge at Pukaloor sure
Where grace-thirsty lie-less hearts verily beat.

Stanza 6

?ழலின????ிலம் பின்ன?லிய??? ?லி?்?ப்பயில்?ானில்
?ுழலின????ுற?் பாரி?ம்ப?ற்ற?் ?ுனித்தாரி?ம?ன்பர்
விழவின???ய?ி யார்மி??வுற்று விரும்பிப்ப?லிந்த??்?ும்
முழவின???முந் ந?ரயர்வ?ய்த முழ?்?ும்பு?ல?ர?.

kazhalinoasaisilam pinnoliyoasai kalikkappayilkaanil
kuzhalinoasaiku'rad paaridampoa'r'rak kuniththaaridamenpar
vizhavinoasaiyadi yaarmidaivu'r'ru virumpippoli:nthengkum
muzhavinoasaimu:n :neerayarveytha muzhangkumpukaloorae.

Pukalūr where the bustle of festival, and the sound of muḻavu which is played everywhere by the crowding devotees who desiring god, are eminent, roars to make the roar of the sea a feeble sound.
(people say) is the place of Civa? who danced in the cremation ground in which he resides when the sounds of the Kaḻal, anklet and flute combine and roar, to be praised by the dwarfish pūtams.

Anklet and kazhal ring and tinkle; pipe flutes;giggle
Goblin dwarfs aloud; Dancer- Lord bangs the mounds
Of charnel familiars and crushes the fell triple flaws.
Festive drum taps out-blare the main at Pukaloor sure.

Stanza 7

வ?ள்ளமார்ந்துமிளிர் ???்???தன்ம?ல் விள?்?ும்மதி???ி
?ள்ளமார்ந்தவ?ி யார்த?ழுத?த்த வு??்?ும்?ருள்தந்த?ம்
?ள்ளமார்ந்து?ழி யப்பழித?ர்த்த ??வுள்ளி?ம?ன்பர்
புள்ள?யார்ந்தவய லின்விள?வால்வளம் மல்?ும்பு?ல?ர?.

ve'l'lamaar:nthumi'lir segnsadaithanmael vi'langkummathisoodi
u'l'lamaar:nthavadi yaarthozhuthaeththa vukakkumaru'ltha:nthem
ka'l'lamaar:nthukazhi yappazhitheerththa kadavu'l'lidamenpar
pu'l'laiyaar:nthavaya linvi'laivaalva'lam malkumpukaloorae.


Wearing a shining crescent on the red caṭai which glitters, and is completely filled with the flood (of Ka?kai) granting the grace which the devotees who experienced god in their minds and who do obeisance to him and praise him, value greatly.
people say it is the place of the god who removed the reproach of souls being in bondage, for our deception to come to an end, by enjoying it.
Pukalūr which increases in wealth by the rich produce of the fields in which birds live in large numbers.

God cleanses me of the past misdeeds and the calumny that has befallen on me.

Locks carmine of His hold Ganga; hem a crescent incandescent
Him the pious hail and praise. Them He graces and undoes
Guilt and deed;abides transcending in Pukaloor sure
Of fecund fields for fowls to muster and beak the fish.

Stanza 8

த?ன்னில?்??யர? யன்வர?பற்றி ய??ுத்தான்மு?ிதிண்??ள்
தன்னில?்?ுவிர லால்ந?ரிவித்தி?? ???்?ன்றருள்??ய்த
மின்னில?்?ு??? யான்ம?மாத??ு ம?வும்மி?ம?ன்பர்
ப?ன்னில?்?ுமணி மாளி??ம?ல்மதி த?யும்பு?ல?ர?.

thennilangkaiyarai yanvaraipa'r'ri yeduththaanmudithi'ndoa'l
thannilangkuvira laal:neriviththisai kaeddan'raru'lseytha
minnilangkusadai yaanmadamaathodu maevummidamenpar
ponnilangkuma'ni maa'likaimaelmathi thoayumpukaloorae.

first crushing the heads and strong shoulders of the King of beautiful Ila?kai who lifted the mountain catching hold of it, by his shining toe and then hearing the music sung by him.
Civa? who has a caṭai glittering like lightning, and who granted boons in the distant past.
the place where he desires to dwell with a young lady.
is Pukalūr where the moon rests on the beautiful mansions which shine like gold;
that is what people say.

Handsome Lankan King cupped Kayilai and held it up.
His heads and shoulders sturdy by gentle foot-finger press,
Lord floored, yet heard his saama chant, graced forthwith
-Lord of long locks with consort in Pukaloor sure of many a moonlit mansion.

Stanza 9

நா?ம்வ?த்தமு?ி யான?ி??த?ழு த?த்தும்ம?ியார்?ள்
??ம்வ?த்தப?ரு மான்பிரமன்ன??ு மாலுந்த?ழுத?த்த
ஏ?ம்வ?த்தவ?ரி யாய்மி?வ??்?ிய ?ம்மானி?ம்ப?லும்
ப??ம்வ?த்தப?ழி லின்னிழலான்மது வாரும்பு?ல?ர?.

:naakamvaiththamudi yaanadikaithozhu thaeththummadiyaarka'l
aakamvaiththaperu maanpiramannodu maalu:nthozhuthaeththa
aekamvaiththaveri yaaymikavoangkiya emmaanidampoalum
poakamvaiththapozhi linnizhalaanmathu vaarumpukaloorae.


Civa? has on his head a cobra.
the Lord whom the devotees who worship his feet with joined hands and praise him, place him in their hearts.
the place of our Lord who rose very much as a total fire to be worshipped with joined hands and praised by Māl along with Pirama?.
is Pukalūr which has gardens which give pleasure by its shade and where honey flows

Hooded naja on the crest, feet held in reverent hearts,
Maal and Brahma worship H, the uno pillar-fire in form.-
Seclusion for such an one is Pukaloor sure, girt in groves
Shady in usufructs ooze of honey splashing wide.

Stanza 10

??ய்தவத்தர்மி?ு த?ரர்?ள்?ா?்?ியர் ??ப்பிற்ப?ருளல்லா?்
??தவத்தர்ம?ழி ய?த்தவிர்வார்?ள் ??வுள்ளி?ம்ப?லும்
??ய்துபத்தர்மல ரும்புனலு?்???ு த?வித்துதி??ய்து
ம?ய்தவத்தின்முயல் வாருயர்வான? ம?ய்தும்பு?ல?ர?.

seythavaththarmiku thaerarka'lsaakkiyar seppi'rporu'lallaak
kaithavaththarmozhi yaiththavirvaarka'l kadavu'l'lidampoalum
koythupaththarmala rumpunalungkodu thooviththuthiseythu
meythavaththinmuyal vaaruyarvaanaka meythumpukaloorae.


the place of the god who is worshipped by devotees who keep away from the deceitful words of the large number of t?rar (buddhists) and cākkiyar (a sect of buddhists) which have no real substance, and who do penance if we speak about them.
the pious devotees having plucked flowers saying prayers, scattering them and bathing him with water.
is Pukalūr where those devotees who practise sincere penance reach the superior heaven.

Heedless of the deceit of theeras's of samanas, of saakiyaas
Servitors in higher askesis hold on to the Transcendent whose is 
Pukaloor proper, where choice flowers, mantric waters, tries and rites
Flocks offer, pour, perform aagamicaly to the celestials.

Stanza 11

புற்றில்வாழும்?ர வம்மர?யார்த்தவன் ம?வும்பு?ல?ர??்
?ற்றுநல்லவவர் ?ாழியுண்?ான?ம் பந்தன்றமிழ்மால?
பற்றிய?ன்றும்??? பா?ியமாந்தர் பரமன்ன?ி??ர்ந்து
?ுற்றமின்றி?்?ுற? பா??ழியாப்பு? ழ??்?ிப்ப?லிவார?.

pu'r'rilvaazhumara vammaraiyaarththavan maevumpukalooraik
ka'r'ru:nallavavar kaazhiyu'ngnaanasam pa:nthan'ramizhmaalai
pa'r'riyen'rumisai paadiyamaa:nthar paramannadisaer:nthu
ku'r'ramin'rikku'rai paadozhiyaappuka zhoangkippolivaarae.


on Pukalūr which is the abode of Civa? who tied a cobra which lives in the ant-hill, in his waist having as their support the garland of Tamiḻ verses composed by Ñā?acampanta? of Kāḻi where good and learned people live.
people who sang always with music reaching the feet of the supreme god.
without any faults.
and the wants being fulfilled.
will be brilliant as their fame is increasing day by day.

Serpents from formicary surround His waist; indwells He at Pukaloor,
Knowing His Ignipotent powers, Gnanasambandhan among Kaazhiites
Wove this hymn of Tamil garland. Sing this to tune, pray, get to the light
Of the holy feet, go freed from guilt and flaw, soaring aglow in flame.