Aiyadigal Kadavarkon Nayanar was a Pallava king who ruled over Kanchi. He infused the
spirit of Saivism into his people, too.
Soon he got disgusted with worldly life, renounced the world, after installing his son in his
place, and undertook a continuous pilgrimage of the various shrines singing hymns in His praise,
wherever he went. Lord Siva was highly pleased with his devotion and blessed him with His
This king has set an example for all kings and social leaders to follow. Leaders should be the
best example for their followers. They should encourage the masses to walk the path of virtue and
Godlines. Otherwise, they live in vain: and, what is more, they take upon their shoulders a good part
of the sins of their followers, for they are responsible for those sins.
This Nayanar lives in our hearts even today because he served his subjects both by precept
and by his own personal example. He taught them; he encouraged them; and, finally, by his own life
of renunciation and wholehearted devotion of the Lord, set a glorious example for them to emulate.
Such is the life of an ideal leader.