This saint was a Vaisya by caste and he lived in Pennagadam in the Chola kingdom. He was
doing some service in the temple. He was very devoted to Siva Bhaktas in whom he saw the Lord
Himself. His wife, too, helped him in all this.
One day, his former servant came to his house in the guise of a Bhakta. Nayanar, as usual,
welcomed him, washed his feet and worshipped him. But, his wife who recognised the former
servant did not join. Nayanar understood her lack of devotion, cut off her hand and continued his
worship of the Bhakta. Practising this form of Yoga Sadhana, he attained Him.
This saint has dramatically proved the great truth which Sage Narada has emphasised in his
immortal work ?Bhakti Sutras?: there is no distinction of caste, creed or status, among the devotees
of God. They do not recognise such distinctions among themselves: and others, too, shall not
entertain such distinctions. It is blasphemy against God. The great devotees have become one with
Him. They are all manifest divinity. Whatever might have been their past life, caste or faith, they
have now become divine and hence such distinctions have no meaning