Significance of Panguni Uthiram Festival

Panguni Uthiram is also known as “Meena Uthara-Phalguni” in Sanskrit. This day is observed on the transit of Moon in the star (Nakshatra) Uthara-Phalguni (also known as Uthiram) in the month of Panguni (March – April) in the Tamil calendar. According to the mythology, celestial weddings take place on this day and so Panguni Uthiram is known as the “Full Moon of Divine Marriages”.

The day connotes the wedding of Goddess Parvati and Lord Siva, Lord Muruga and Devasena and other celestial couples. According to Ramayana, it is on this day that Sita married Rama. Also, this is said to be the birthday of Lord Ayyappa. It is also believed that on this day, Goddess Mahalakshmi came to life on Earth from the ocean of milk which was churned by the Devas and the Demons on either sides and thus this day is also celebrated as Mahalakshmi Jayanti.

Panguni Uthiram is considered to be the right day to tackle all kinds of relationship problems and give an immeasurable boost when you join hands with your better half in life. Precisely, the joy of a loving and positive company is celebrated on the Divine Marriage Day, Panguni Uthiram. The divine combination of Uttaraphalguni star with the Full Moon on Panguni (Tamil month) drives away sufferings and anxiety in nuptial life. By worshipping the Divine Couples on this day, we can connect with their energy to alleviate our relationship troubles.

The “Panguni Utharam” is in actual fact a Siva Valipaadu day (special day to worship Lord Siva) that is celebrated in a big way in many Siva Temples in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere.

Mythlogically, the reason why “Panguni Uthiram” is celebrated is given by Katchiappa Sivaachariyar, who lived in the 9th century in Kanchipuram, TamilNadu. In his work, “Kantha Puranam”, he mentions that Lord Siva married Goddess Parvati (Sakthi) on the Panguni Uthiram day in Himalayas. Hence this day is considered to be holy to the Saivaites. The king of Himalayas, Himavaan met Lord Siva at Mount Kailash and gave consent to give his daughter Parvati in marriage to Lord Siva and invited him for the ceremony; which is the day of Panguni Uthiram

This day is also special for Lord Muruga and his devotees. On Panguni Uthiram, in all places where Lord Muruga has a temple, his devotees carry in a “kavadi” in fulfillment of vows. Devotees flock in hundreds to the Muruga temples. It is also considered important because this is the day when Lord Muruga married Devasena.

Panguni Uthiram is the day to eliminate doshas in nuptial life. If the marriage was not conducted on auspicious time and if there are any doshas, then this is the day to alleviate them. The day gives you an opportunity to strengthen and improve your relationship. This day can actually dissolve all doshas and negative influences that cause disturbances in family life





“Sakthi illayel Sivam illai; Sivam illayel Sakthi illai!” (Meaning: Sivam does not prevail without Sakthi and Sakthi does not prevail without Sivam),

Marriage is a beautiful relation and blissful union of two individuals. It is a like a coin with two sides with faces of ecstasy and challenges of life. You might experience stumbling times in marriage due to misunderstandings, financial disputes, or lack of desired self-growth and esteem. Every married couple faces these unavoidable conflicts in their married life. It certainly does not mean the end of the relationship. It only suggests that people have an opportunity to improve the relationship and extend to higher grade of life.
Secret of Marriage Harmony
You can retain your marriage harmony with the blessings of a divine secret called “Panguni Uthiram”. It is referred to as Full Moon of Divine Marriages. Panguni Uthiram signifies the stellar combination of Uthiram star with the full moon which brings the harmony in married life. This divine force drives away all the sufferings and anxiety in married life, thereby acts as a key to open the lock of marriage harmony with a divine relation.
Thrash Your Marital Troubles
Panguni Uthiram provides the perfect opportunity to re-ignite the love and understanding that conquers all the troubles and tribulations of marriage. Powerful rituals on Panguni Uthiram day helps to protect your marital life from separation and guides your way towards marriage harmony.
Blessings for a Divine Wedded Life
Panguni Uthiram is the celebration of divine union of celestial couples like Lord Siva and Parvati, Lord Muruga and Devasena.
The celestial wedding ceremonies are considered to be greatly significant and this Panguni Uthiram is the most appropriate day to receive the blessings and energies of the divine. You can ensure a quarrel-free life by maintaining equilibrium to control your emotions during hypertensions by participating in the rituals and relish the true essence of a happy and meaningful marriage.
Cherish the charm of Marriage Harmony with the divine grace on Panguni Uthiram!


How To Observe this Vratam

In the morning after getting up, the observer of the vratam should meditate on the charming Lord siva in the wedding posture with umA. After taking bath and through with other required deeds, should worship the Lord. The golden idol of the God and Goddess ( who can afford to) should be anointed devotionally with holy substances. Then decorating them should make the wedding ceremony of the Goddess with the God. Making the nice and sweet offerings to the divine Parents, should salute them. Inviting the spiritual people who think of good to all the creatures, who have learnt the vEdas and who are devotees of Lord siva, along with their wives, should host them a feast. Later should go to the siva temple, worship, circumambulate three times and prostrate in front of the Lord. In the night should dine along with the kind hearted devotees of Lord siva and eat the sweet dishes like fruits and pAyasam. Should sleep on the dharbai grass. The next morning after regular deeds, should donate the golden idol of God and Goddess to disciplined love hearted people who are the devotees of Lord Siva. Should eat only once that day.
Observing this vratam will get one the great boon of shri Lord sha.nkara's delight. It would bring much joy and comfort in life, lead to the abode of Lord siva and give the liberation. mahA vishNu got wedded to laxmi sincerely observing this vratam. brahma wedded saraswati, indra wedded indrANi, moon wedded the 27 stars, sage agastiya wedded lobhamudra observing this vratam. The two daughters of vishhNu namely amR^itavalli, saundaryavalli were married to the six faced Lord as devasEna and vaLLI. The daughter of vedAN^ga R^ishhi called sukesi got married to nandi devar.The two daughters of sage satyapUrNar pUrNa, pushhkaLai were wedded to mahA sAsthA. kAma got rathi, sIta got rAma, jAmbhavati got kR^ishhNa, sage saupari got many princess' and so many more benefitted all in the glory of this vratam. The man who observes this vratam will get the girl he likes and the woman gets beautiful man as her husband. The couple who observe this will get good offspring. Anybody who observes with devotion will get His grace.