Soma sooktha pradakshinam:

Pradakshina (Sanskrit), meaning circumambulation, consists of walking around in a 'circle' as a form of worship in Hindu ceremonies in India. The devotees walk around the garbha griha, the innermost chamber of the shrine housing the temple deity. It is done around sacred fire (Agni), trees and plants as well. Thus Pradakshina is done around Tulsi plant and Peepal tree. Pradakshina or Parikrama is done in pilgrimage centres also.
Pradakshina literally means: to the right (Dakshina means right). So in Pradakshina, one goes to the left hand direction to keep the deity around the Sanctum Sanctorum on one's right side. Pradakshina is one of the customary aspects of going to a temple. Typically, Pradakshina is done after the completion of traditional worship (pooja) and after paying homage to the deity. Pradakshina is supposed to be done with a meditative mood.


Above: Soma Sooktha Pradakshinam

During the Pradhosham time Soma Sutra Pradakshinam is the suggested way of circumambulating Sivalingam. In some of the temples this is followed always. A point to note here is that the Gomukhi is never crossed. Gomukhi is the place where the water after anointing (abhisheka tirtam) would be flowing northwards out. By doing this way of pradakshinam one does not step over this holy water

First saluting the Rishabha devar (Holy Bull) go in anti-clockwise and salute Chandikeswarar (not crossing the gomukhi).

Now return in the clockwise manner salute Rishabha and continue clockwise till the gomukhi (dont cross it again).

Then return in anti-clockwise direction salute the Rishabha again and proceed towards Chandikeswarar.

From there return back clockwise without worshiping Rishabha and reach the gomukhi (No crossing).

Finally return back anti-clockwise from there to salute Rishabha and continue to Chandikeswarar and return back to Rishabha and worship the shiva lingam (at the altar) by viewing through the space between the two horns of the Holy bull.

This is one Pradakshinam. Such Pradakshinas to be done for three times.

It is auspicious to have a darshan of Lord Shiva through the Horns of the Divine Bull on Pradosham days.

If you carefully observe the curve traced by doing the pradakshinam is very similar to the periphery of the CRESCENT. Hence this way of circumambulating is called SOMASUTRA PRADAKSHINAM.