This saint was the king of Velas in Kodumbalur. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Siva. He
had made arrangements with all the Siva temples to perform worship according to the Siva Agamas.
There was another Siva Bhakta in the same locality doing Maaheshwara Puja. He became very poor
and so he could not continue his Puja and feeding of Bhaktas. So, one day he entered Idangazhi
Nayanar?s granary at night and began to steal paddy. The watchman caught him red-handed and
took him to the king. The king learnt on enquiry that the Siva Bhakta?s motive for stealing was to
feed the devotees of the Lord. The king let him go.
This incident opened the eyes of the king. He realised that nothing belonged to him and that
the real owners of his property were Lord Siva and His Bhaktas. So, he gave permission to all Siva
Bhaktas to enter his palace and granary and take whatever they wanted. Thus he displayed his zeal
for the spread of Saivism. Thus he earned Lord Siva?s grace, too.