This ardent devotee of Lord Siva was a native of Tirukadavur. He was a scholar in Tamil.
He used to go to the three Tamil kings, and get money by singing Tamil Kovais (anthology). He
earned a lot and built temples. Thus he spread the cause of Saivism. He also served Siva Bhaktas
and earned His grace.
Atrue devotee of the Lord lives for His sake only. All that he has is offered to the Lord as the
devotee?s worship. God is your creator, your father and mother, friend and Guru. He has given you
the various talents and skill. They belong to Him.He dwells in all, and expects you to utilise them in
the service of all. This is the simple logic by which the saints arrive at the conclusion that they
should see God in all, serve the Lord in all, and love Him in and through cosmic love, expressed as
selfless service and charity.
By leading such a selfless and divine life, you will conquer your worst spiritual enemy, viz.,
egoism, and realise God in this very birth, nay, this very second.