Pugal Chola Nayanar was a king. He was living in Uraiyur in the Chola kingdom. He was
greatly devoted to Lord Siva and His Bhaktas. He was an ideal king and people loved him and
followed in his footsteps.
Once he went to Karur to collect tributes due to him from the kings of Kuda Nadu. All of
them paid at once: but the ministers reported that a petty king named Adigan had not. He ordered his
troops to invade Adigan?s fort. In the meantime, the king?s elephant was killed by Eripatha Nayanar
for a Siva Aparadham (as we have already seen in Eripatha Nayanar?s life). Ultimately, both
Eripathar and the king had the Lord?s Darshan. As this drama was being enacted, elsewhere, the
king?s troops had demolished Adigan?s fort, killing many of his men, and Adigan himself had run
away. Pugal Cholar?s troops returned with a lot of wealth and the heads of men killed. They placed
all these at the king?s feet. Among the heads, the king noticed a head with the braid of hair on
top?it belonged to a Siva Bhakta. Stricken with terrible remorse the king had a big fire made, went
round it having the head on a golden plate in his hand and entered the fire chanting the
Panchakshara Mantra. Thus he entered the Lord?s Abode.