In devotion to Siva Bhaktas, Kulacchirai Nayanar excelled. He was born in Manamerkudi,
in the Pandyan kingdom. This place was frequently graced by Siva Bhaktas. Kulacchirai Nayanar
was the leader as well as the supporter of the people. To him adoration of Siva Bhaktas was equal to
adoration of Lord Siva Himself. He saw no difference between Siva Bhaktas and Siva.
He was the Prime Minister of the Pandyan king. Yet, he regarded himself as the slave of
Siva Bhaktas. He was the richest man in the place: yet, to him wealth was only dust. Nothing
belonged to him: it was the property of Siva Bhaktas. Even Sambandar extolled his virtuous
qualities in a song.
Nayanar was an able soldier and administrator. Yet, his mind was ever absorbed in the Lord.
He helped the queen in stemming the tide of the evil influence of Jainism. Nayanar invited
Sambandar to Madurai to fight this evil influence. The Jains set fire to Sambandar?s camp.
Sambandar sang a song. The fire was extinguished. The Pandyan king had high fever, which the
Jains could not cure, but which was cured by the sacred ash which Sambandar applied on him.
Sambandar argued with the Jains and defeated them. Kulacchirai sent the defeated Jains to the
gallows. He served the Siva Bhaktas and finally attained Siva?s Abode.